Sometimes your questions need more than Google.

Speak to our experts for bespoke answers, tailored to you.

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Our intelligent search engine  fast-tracks  your questions to the right expert for the job.

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Put knowledge first with specialists placed in the palm of your hand.

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Your thoughts matter. If an expert is fantastic, let the world know.

Talk Again

Save lists of experts you like, so that your favourites are there at the touch of a button for next time.

Expertise, expertly delivered.


We’ve streamlined solution delivery for you:

Browse the experts, take your pick, then pick up the phone.

Specialists in a wide range of fields are available at the touch of a button, giving you the power to make the best decisions.

Their years of cumulative experience are personalised and provided to you, in minutes.

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Tailored Answer

Talk not Text.

Innovation is in our blood, but we’re a little old-fashioned at heart. 

Atlasso is more than just a search engine. We bring you together with the people who can answer your questions: A personal, talking, interactive service.

We believe that nothing beats a phonecall when it comes to communication, and nothing beats an expert when a question needs an answer.

Have the best of both worlds and find solutions, fast.

We built every function with getting you from A to B in mind.

Whether you’re on square one or need a second opinion, our filters enable you to find precisely who you need in a single search.

Once you’ve found them, save your favourite experts to talk to them again.  Speed-dial for consultancy.

Tailor-made advice is personalised to you. Spend time on the things that matter, and get an answer that fits just right. 

Using Atlasso means efficiency in every step, so you can make your time go further.


Phone them up, keep costs down


Pay-as-you-go consultancy means you use what you need. No wasted money. No wasted time.

Choose the rate that suits your budget at a glance.  The three pricing bands ensure that rates are always clear from the outset. 

Track your expenditure using the overview page, with full cost breakdowns and insights, so that you are always in the know.