Personal and professional consultancy, on your phone. Whatever your expertise, whatever the question, Atlasso is the app that brings experts and users together.

Create a profile, start to share your knowledge or ask questions today.

Share Your Knowledge.

Learn From The Best.

A profile that is all about you

Showcase what you know. Your profile in moments. Professional yet simple.

Choose your own working hours and start working for yourself. 

Be your own brand. 

Build a repuation

Get the credit for your work. Receive feedback and ratings. Be rewarded for what you know.

Be your own brand. 

Fuss-free finance

Helpful breakdowns and insights. For sharers and learners alike. Access your reciepts or bills.

All the management you need. 

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Atlasso doesn’t search for answers but people who understand your question.

Fast-track your questions to the right expert.

For the questions that need more than a google. 

Talk again

Once you’ve found them, save them.  Have your regulars only a touch of a button away. Solve problems instantly.

Speed-dial for consultancy. 

Atlasso at a glance

A Database of Experts

Filters, tags and categories, help you find your expert quickly.

Comprehensive Profiles

Visit a comprehensive profile showing you background information, ratings and skills.


Get the credit for the work you do. Receive feedback and ratings from your clients

Skills stand out

Your thoughts matter. If an expert is fantastic, let the world know.